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Western Civilization

With eyes burning bright and the fire of knowledge in their hearts no other civilization has impacted the world as greatly as this one. In the midst's of prehistory western civilization was touched by the very Gods themselves with illumination and invention, great deeds of good are capable although they must be wary not to cross from the territory of rightful prowess into hubris and tragedy. For the world of Terra will not tolerate outright hegemony. To understand the Western Ways is like that of knowing a spirit that blazes with ancestral legacy forged from an ancient empire.

Western Heathen Civilisation

From the serene Nordic Folks of Scandinavia, the stubborn Scottish hearts, the brash Germanic Saxons and the enduring Slavic Peoples. Across Europe to the influential and brilliant Anglo-Saxons, then along to the ancient Celtic peoples of troubled Eire and Wales then down to the Brittany and Basque enclaves. From the Celts it must not be forgotten their heritage and esoteric influence also.
The aloof Frankish-Gauls of France, the red-blooded Iberian Spanish, the passionate Alpine Folk of Italia and not forgetting the independent-loving Greek Peoples. The ancients of which helped found a model which was to influence much of Europe.




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