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"Onwards Europa, your flame burn's bright"

Prehistory of European's - 8,000 - 800 BC

Most of the western world has been shaped by the people who made it their home. Namely in Europe and later in the 'New World' which transformed into the United States of America.

However to understand where we are at now you have to go back to the dawn of the ancient world. Where pre-history was ending and the deeds and doings of old were in the making...

Nearly all people's throughout the earth have, in one form or another, been affected or influenced by this land's peoples. For over 10,000 years it's people have lived, loved and fought through time forging themselves a destiny that has influenced the entire world.

Beginning in the dying flames of a fallen civilisation, it's peoples proliferated, expanded throughout Europe, The Mediterranean, Central Asia, Central Asia, Northern India, to the fringes of China and even across the ocean to the America's. What caused this 'scattering' is one of history's great mystery's, but there are no shortage of theory's.
One is a great war between rival powers broke out, another that a sudden rise in sea levels devastated coastal city's and trade-routes. Some even suggest extreme solar or galatic influences brought about change.

Conventional theory's also suggest the thawing of the Ice Age, which had pushed European's to the warmer clime's along the tropic of Capricorn now allowed the white tribes to move north and eastwards again.

What is fairly certain is that these uncertain, exciting, early exploration's truly gained fruit in the European Heartlands, the Mediterranean Basin, The Levant and the lush waterways of the Euphrates. For the European tribes they spread out and had contact with the Yellow River Chinese, The Indus Peoples and the Nubian's.

For reason's that are still open to wide speculation the European's on the far-flunge fringes of the world were pushed back or overwhelmed. For those like the Solutrean's that had journeyed overseas to the America's their fate was mostly one of tribal absorbtion into the Asiatic tribes. Some though were given high honour's with tribal burials in the sacred mounds like the Kennewick Man.
To the far south the Legend of Viracocha and his people were a reality. Said to of returned across the Atlantic Ocean to the east after his work teaching the Asiatic tribes was done some of his followers stayed in the America's and became known as the Cloud People.

Back in Europe the tribes soon settled into area's where the Celt's, Germanic and Nordic people established a presence...

  The Ancient World - 800 BC to 450 AD  

The rise of the Mediterranean Powers soon eclipsed that of the Celtic and Germanic peoples in that of trade and wealth. Noble ideals like democracy, philosophy and the arts flowered in Greece. While in Persia a line of kings achieved Hegemony.












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