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Rimfire Weapons


Rimfire History

Historically rimfire weapons tended to be small game rifles or revolvers that were for self-defence.
Post-World War 2 (30 year war) the rimfire became more popular for sporting and target shooting purposes.  In some country’s the rimfire is often subject to less restrictive gun laws.

The 22LR, while not a large caliber round is a very versatile bullet.  Lightweight, highly affordable and quiet compared to other calibers.  With a suppressor fitted it’s whisper silent.  Unlike center-fire calibers the rimfire round is fired by the firing mechanism striking the case-rim.  Not usually a firing-pin but a thin ‘bar’ of metal doing the work of firing the round. 

The 22LR is deadly out to 200 yards, with an modified, ocular scope and bolt-action platform hit’s at extreme ranges beyond 250 yards are achievable.  For hunting small game and vermin control it’s almost enshrined as the go-to round for the budget gun-owner.

The .22LR suffers from a woeful lack of penetration ability though, even against less than quarter inch steel it’s unable to penetrate at point-blank range. 
Worse still is that a .22LR is no match for a .45 ACP or even a 9mm parabellum for knock-down ability.
However on it’s ability to inflict nasty internal wounds (potentially lethal or disabling) from ricocheting about inside a body compared to ‘in and out’ injuries from higher velocity calibers means it has a place in any discerning shooters arsenal.

Another, less known rimfire round is the .22 magnum rimfire.  Looking very similar to a .22LR but with extra punch from a heavier bullet and velocity.  Designed only for a weapon of that caliber, the magnum rimfire is a slightly more expensive bullet and a .22LR weapon will not fire a .22 magnum safely, unless it’s working part’s are changed.  Even then the barrel may not be rated for the power of a magnum round.
Commonly .22 handgun’s tend to be more available in .22 magnum.  
Some revolvers of this caliber are capable of both .22LR and .22 Magnum with a change-out of cylinders.
There are many model’s of rimfire weapon’s are available in the USA and elsewhere in the world.  Listed below are the one's on our database.

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Models of Rimfire Weaponry

The GSG-9

The Mossberg 715T

The Ruger 10/22

The Walther G22


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