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Crafted Arms Trade


The blade, the bow and the horse were three of the key forms warfare was waged prior to the dawn of gunpowder weaponry. Infantry would close in, skirmishers would be deployed and cavalry would sweep the field.

Crafted arms were essential for for the lone warrior, tribe town or settlement. During times of danger. Nothing quite deters a raiding force quite like a shower of arrows and a ready band of armed folk within.


The Age of the Warrior

Up to the Age of Rome weaponry was nearly all produced in a self-sufficient manner or traded with a maker of weapons in a larger settlement.

The Spear


The simplest and most ancient of weapon types, the spear requires little skill to use effectively and the first organized groups will of used them for both offense and defense.

The oldest complete spear was found in Germany and was a staggering 400,000 years old! Made of spruce and intact due to the chalk soil content it shows an origin and occupation of the European landmass previous to what many 'modern' mainstream historians would have us believe.

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The Bow


Many legends of old mention the bow; Wielded by the very Gods and Goddesses themselves when they take human or demi-god form. Compared to the sling and javelin it is a cut above in many ways.

The oldest complete bow found was in Denmark and dated to 9,000 BC. This shows Europe was highly likely to be the origin of bow-technology in the world. During the ice-age this technology spread down into the mediterranean territory and across to the eastern realms and beyond.

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The Axe

The Axe is even older than the sword, a more versatile weapon than the sword and one that is easier to learn and master. It is often considered a brutish weapon without the elan of other weapons but having a no-nonsense attitude. The Vikings were great users of the weapon, which they used to great effect.

The oldest complete axe was recovered at the Austrian / Italian border and dates back to 3,300 BC.



The Sword


The sword is one of the most iconic and distinct of all the crafted weapons. A noble weapon in the hands of the aspiring hero up to the very highest in the land. It often requires mastery for it to become a truly effective and deadly weapon though.

The oldest sword has been found in Asia Minor (Turkey) dating back to circa 2,000 BC. Mentioned in many of the ancient texts like the bible, the Vedic Texts and the epic of bible.

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